The expensively dressed maid

Their humble servant: this is the role I’ve come to accept as the “owner” of four cats.

On weekdays I can also be referred to as “the expensively dressed maid”; the one who ensures that all furry masters are happily chomping on their dinner before I allow myself to pee, get changed into trackies, or pour that first glass of wine.

Crazy cat lady also comes to mind. To quote An Engineer’s Guide to Cats:

Depending on the number of cats you have, there might be some social implications.

  • If you have one cat, you’re just a guy who has a cat.
  • If you have two cats, well the two cats are friends, so they can keep each other company.
  • When you have three cats, you start to get to be that guy who has all those cats.

Well I have four cats, so I’m pretty sure that makes me a crazy cat lady.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way. This blog is a place where I can record all the ridiculously wonderful things my cats do, and post hundreds of photos without boring everyone on Twitter and Facebook to death. I hope you enjoy it.

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