The huntress

Miss Lilly is fierce, there’s no other way of putting it. Not nasty, bitey or scratchy, just fierce.

I’ve watched her make three male cats, all substantially bigger, back away from a bowl of food because she stood her ground and growled until they did. The ominous noises she makes while crunching a defrosted chicken wing would convince anyone that she killed it herself.

And each time someone parks outside our house or knocks on the door, she runs up to the door and growls (before disappearing out the window).

So she is our mini tigress, appropriately adorned with tabby stripes.

Lately, Miss Lil has discovered birds in the trees that line the back fence. At least one of these unfortunate souls has been brought into my house, but thankfully not while I was there. It was my job however to clean up the feathers.

Last Saturday, it was a glorious day and Lilly spent it under the bird-tree. Much to her disappointment, none of the bounteous produce fell to the ground before her.

Today, it is miserable, wet and cold. But Lilly continues her surveillance of the back yard, ever hopeful that an unwitting bird will cross her path….

Ever watchful

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