This is Misha, litter-sibling to Max. Also known as Misha Lisha and Freak.

Misha has always been a “bit special”. When I brought him home from the cat breeder, Misha decided that life behind the washing machine was much more interesting than doing the usual cute kitty things. Even to this day, he seems to enjoy sitting in a corner or facing the fence, staring into nothingness. Maybe he’s just painfully shy – it’s impossible to tell.

Misha is a blue Russian and was born in late 2003. He’s very long and lean, but with a beer gut because he has a tendency to eat everything in sight. Sometimes that involves eating, spewing, and then eating some more, although he won’t eat the spew: he leaves that job to little brother Maxie.

We suspect Misha might be a gangster in the cat world. He has a few scars and chunks missing from his ears, and he will never walk away from a fight, particularly when there’s a dog involved!

Aside from that, Misha has two distinctive idiosyncrasies – he loves feet, particularly when you put your big toe into his ear (F.R.E.A.K) and finding unusual places to sleep. He best likes to sleep where his discarded fur is most unwelcome, such as the sock basket, the linen closet, and on top of the coffee machine.

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