Dinner settings

You wouldn’t think that cats would need a different dinner setting dependent upon what they’re eating, but mine do.

Well, let’s say that ONE of mine does: Miss Lilly. Being the fierce tabby that she is (I have no doubt she was a tigress in a previous life), Lil becomes extremely territorial when fed fresh meat. So much so that she’ll growl like a wild thing even when eating mince.

This disrupts the usual dinner setting on my kitchen floor – four plates neatly in line, with four distinctly different tails also in line, attached to their munching owners. Like this:

Default dinner setting

But recently I’ve discovered little fresh meat packets at the supermarket, and they’ve proved to be a big hit with my furry masters.

The only problem is that I’ve had to set up four separate demilitarised zones to ensure that Lilly doesn’t scare the other three away. So far it is working……

Demilitarised dinner zones